Anonymous STD testing in Amsterdam

✔ Tested within 20 minutes

✔ Results within 48 hours (2 business days)

STD test starting at 100 euros 

Get tested on STDs anonymously at the OneDayClinic in Amsterdam

Get an anonymous STD test at our clinic in Amsterdam. We are known for performing STD tests with the utmost discretion and for our service, care and reliability. At our clinic you can get tested on chlamydia, gonorrhoea, syphilis, hepatitis B/C, HIV, mycoplasma genitalium, trichomoniasis, herpes and genital warts. An STD test only takes 20 minutes and the results will follow within two working days (48 hours).

One basic test (chlamydia/gonorrhoea) at our clinic in Amsterdam costs € 100,-.
An extensive STD test (chlamydia/gonorrhoea/ HIV/syfilis/hepatitis B and C) costs € 150,-.
For more information on pricing check out our pricing table below.

A basic test can be performed on multiple locations. What we mean with locations is different parts of the body. This is due to the fact that you can get chlamydia and/or gonorrhoea on multiple seperate parts of the body namely: oral (in your mouth), genital (vagina/penis) and anal. If, during the consultation, we find that there might be a valid reason to extend the test to include another location, we will discuss this with you. In the event that we both decide to perform the test on more than one location then you have to take into account that the performance of an extra basic test does however require a small extra fee of 35 euros per location. This due to the fact that instead of one test on one sample, we now need to perform two tests on two different samples.

Get tested now at our clinic in Amsterdam! Make an anonymous appointment or if you’re looking for more information either contact us via our contact form or contact us via any of the means mentioned below (phone or e-mail).

Contactinformation, location and opening hours of OneDayClinic Amsterdam

OneDayClinic Amsterdam

Spuistraat 239 (eerste verdieping)
1012 VP Amsterdam
+31 (0)85 070 3483 and choose Amsterdam

Opening hours

Monday09:00 – 14:00
Tuesday12:00 – 20.00
Wednesday12:00 – 20.00
Thursday12:00 – 20.00
Friday12:00 – 20.00
Saturday12:00 – 13.00



Price/cost of an STD test in our STD clinic in Amsterdam

Type of STD testedYou will be tested on the following STDs:Cost STD testNotes
Basic STD testGonorrhea
€ 100,-Price includes the consultation
1 location
Extensive STD test
Hepatitis B
Hepatitis C
€ 150,-Prijs includes consultation
1 location
Extra basic test
€ 35,-As an extra to either the basic or the extensive test
per location

The advantages of STD testing in Amsterdam at the OneDayClinic

  • Anonymous STD testing
  • Reliable and discrete, private entrance to increase discretion
  • Easily accessible via public transportation and by car
  • Fast results, so even if you are shortly in Holland you can get STD tested.
  • Cheaper than the general practitioner
  • Flexibility: You can even make an appointment in the evening or weekend
  • No waiting times, get STD tested today!
  • Results in two working days

If your looking for an STD test, your looking in the right place. Our specialised clinic in Amsterdam is the expert on anonymous STD testing. We offer a large assortment of STD tests and will help you choose the right STD test for you. At our clinic we offer the following tests: chlamydia test, gonorrhea test, HIV test, hepatitis B/C test, syfilis test, herpes test, mycoplasma genitalium test and trichomoniasis test.

The tests we offer are cheeper than the general practitioner. To get tested at OneDayClinic you also do not need to have health insurance. If your not a native and dont have a (Dutch) health insurance or a GP don’t worry. You just simply pay via cash or card.

Are you only shortly in the Netherlands? Even then the OneDayClinic is the clinic for you. You can consider our STD test an emergency test. Meaning you get your results within 48 hours after testing. The performance of the test itself only takes 20 minutes. You can get the results via phone, text and/or email.

Furthermore our clinic maintains flexible opening hours. Meaning you can get tested in the evening, early morning or weekend as well. And no waiting time. So get STD tested at our clinic in Amsterdam today and call 085 070 3483 and choose Amsterdam or make an online appointment.

Private clinic

OneDayClinic is a private clinic, located at the Spuistraat 239 in Amsterdam. Were specialised in prevention, diagnosis and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases.

Uninsured care

An STD test in general is not insured via health insurance. To get tested at our clinic you do not need a (Dutch) health insurance. You can simply pay via cash or a debit card. OneDayClinic offers competitive prices for all our STD tests.

Fast results

Get tested today, and get your results within 48 hours (two working days). Sometimes even the next day. So if your looking for an emergency STD test get in contact with us.


At OneDayClinic we are known for our anonymous STD testing. You do not have to identify yourself or show official credentials in order to get tested. You can easily make an appointment online or via phone. Our entrance is discreetly located on the side of the building. So get tested today!

Certified laboratory

OneDayClinic had been working together with a professional and certified laboratory for several years now. The laboratory  meets all safety requirements and is ISO-certified.

STD test in Amsterdam: on which STD can we test you?

OneDayClinic is a specialised STD clinic in Amsterdam where you can get tested on all STDs. Because of our flexible and broad opening hours, if your looking for a quick test, you can almost always get tested already today. We will perform the test within 20 minutes and have the results back for you within 48 hours (two working days).

At our clinic in Amsterdam you can get tested on an infection with the following STDs:

Chlamydia test

Chlamydia is the most common STD in the Netherlands. Chlamydia can occur in both men and women and can cause a wide range of symptoms. Most infections however occur without the presence of any symptoms at all. Without the presence of symptoms it can nontheless have grave consequences if you carry this infection around with you for a long(er) period.

Read more about Chlamydia

Gonorrhea test

Gonorrhea is a very infectious STD which can occur in both men and women. Gonorrhea is also known as “the clap”.

Read more about Gonorrhea

Syphilis test

Syphilis is also called lues. An infection with Syphilis will cause three stages of symptoms each with their own identifying symptoms. Therefor this STD is most often found in a very late stage, sometimes even after 30 years.

Read more about Syphilis

Hepatitis B and C test

Hepatitis can appear in two subtypes. An acute and a chronic infection. Some people will fight off the infection others will keep it with them. After the incubation time of four to six months, the first symptoms will appear.


Read more about Hepatitis

HIV test

HIV is an STD which affects your own immune system. Over time the infection will develop to aids. HIV can not be cured but needs a chronic treatment and can then be suppressed successfully. If you want to know more about HIV or the symptoms of HIV in men and/or women, please click below.

Read more about HIV

Get in contact with our STD clinic in Amsterdam

Would you like to get tested on an STD in our clinic in Amsterdam? Click on the button: “Make an anonymous appointment” below. Click on the “Get information” button below if you would like to get some more information first. You can also always send us an email or call on 085 070 3483 and press 2 for English and 1 for Amsterdam.