Facts and fiction about getting an STD (sexual transmissive disease)

Can you get an STD from visiting a dirty bathroom or sitting on a dirty toilet seat? Does an oral contraceptive protect you against get infected with an STD? We will help you find your way in this chaos of facts and fiction, so you will know when you are at risk of getting an STD and when you do not need to worry.

Can you get an STD from a dirty bathroom or toilet seat?

Fiction: You can get an STD from sitting on a dirty toilet seat.

Fact: An STD/STI can only be transmitted from one person to another through semen, vaginal fluid, blood or other body fluids. Most of these you will only get in contact with by having sex. The organisms causing an STD only live shortly outside the host body. Therefor you cannot get an STD from sitting on a dirty toilet seat.

Can you still get an STD if you use an oral contraceptive?

Fiction: If you are using an oral contraceptive you can not get an STD/STI.

Fact: An oral contraceptive protects you against unwanted parenthood. The hormones present in an oral contraceptive make sure you can not get pregnant. The oral contraceptive does not however protect you against an STD.

Can you get an STD from oral or anal sex?

Fiction: You can not get an STD after having unprotected oral or anal sex.

Fact: An STD can get transmitted after two body surfaces covered in mucosa get in contact with each other. If there is contact between your genitals, your anal mucosa or the mucosa of your mouth or throat and the mucosa of another person an STD/STI can be transmitted. The risk is just as high and as getting an STD through unsafe vaginal penetration. Also important to know is that herpes and genital warts can also be transmitted by skin-skin contact. A condom offers some protection but an infection can still happen.

If you get an STD, can you get the same STD again?

Fiction: You can only get one type of STD once.

Fact: Have you been infected by HIV or herpes? You will have the virus with you for the rest of your life. Chlamydia, gonorrhea and syphilis are successfully treated with antibiotics and will result in a total curation. After you have been cured however you can still get a new infection in the future. You do not build up a lifelong immunity against an STD.

Do you need double protection to prevent getting an STD?

Fiction: Two condoms offer more protection against an STD.

Fact: A condom protects you against getting infected with an STD/STI. Maybe you have heard of going double dutch. This means using a condom as well as an oral contraceptive to exclude getting an STD as well as unplanned pregnancy. This however does not mean using a double condom. When using two condoms at once the layers of rubber move over each other causing friction therefor increasing the risk getting tears in or leakage of the condom(s). You should always use a condom in the right way as according to the supplied manual on the packaging.

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