Pain during Sex


The causes of pain during sex are different for men and women. In men, pain during sex is mostly caused by a physical cause. It is important for men to visit a doctor soon when they experience pain during sex. For women, pain during sex can be caused by a physical cause but also psychological causes could be a reason of the pain.

Causes of pain during sex for men

One of the reasons of painful sex in men could be a tight foreskin. This means that it is hard to move the foreskin over the head of the penis. When you have a tight foreskin and you try to move it over the head of the penis it can cause tears in the foreskin. When you have a tight foreskin, you can go to the general practitioner for a special crème to stretch the foreskin.
Besides that, also a short frenulum of the penis can cause pain. The frenulum is a bit of skin that connects the foreskin with the penis.
In addition, too much sex or masturbation can cause irritation of the penis.
Chlamydia and Gonorrhea can also give an irritated feeling in the penis or testicles or can cause painful urination. These STDS can give pain during sex, also ejaculation can be painful. If you have sudden pain during sex, do an STD test!

Causes of pain during sex in men:

  1. Tight foreskin
  2. Short frenulum
  3. Irritated penis
  4. STD

Causes of pain during sex for women

For women pain during sex can have a physical cause, but it can also be caused by stress. A lot of women do experience a bit of pain during the first time they have sex. This could be caused by dryness of the vagina, or by high tone of your pelvic floor muscles because you are nervous. A high tone of your pelvic muscles ensures a smaller vaginal opening which can cause pain. It is good to wait with sex until your vagina is wet and try to relax as much as possible.
When you have a negative experience with sex or when sex hurts it is possible that you are nervous to have sex again. When you are nervous you unknowingly have a high tone of your pelvic muscles. This makes it harder to have sex and this causes a downward spiral. Make sure you listen to your own body.
Besides that, make sure you wait with penetration until you have enough sexual excitement and are wet. When you are turned on your vagina becomes a bit longer, therefor the penis doesn’t touch the cervix while having sex. When the penis touches the cervix, it can cause an uncomfortable feeling in the lower abdomen.

When you already have sex for a longer period and never had any symptoms, but then out of a sudden get pain during sex, it is also possible that you have an STD. Pain during sex is a common symptom of an STD in women, it can also give some blood loss after the sex.

Causes of pain during sex in women:

  1. Having sex for the first time
  2. High tone pelvic floor muscles
  3. Not turned on/ not wet enough
  4. Penis comes to deep in the vagina
  5. STD

Causes of pain during anal sex

The anus does not get wet during sexual excitement, so it is important to use enough lubricant when having anal sex.
The anus is a circular muscle that closes the anus. To have anal sex you have to relax this muscle. When you are nervous it is hard to relax this muscle and it is painful to have anal sex.
When you had anal sex more often, but it starts to hurt out of a sudden, the could be caused by an STD. STDs also occur anal.

Causes of pain during anal sex:

1. Not enough lubricant
2. To nervous
3. STD

So if you have pain while having sex, maybe it is good to do an STD test! Make your appointment at the OneDayClinic. You have the results in 1 or 2 working days. We can also test for anal STDs.

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