Pain in my vagina

Pain or an uncomfortable feeling in your vagina is never good. It is possible to have this painful feeling constantly, but you can also only feel it when having sex, when peeing, or when you insert a tampon. Pain in your vagina is not normal and can have multiple causes.

Fungal Infection

A vaginal fungal infection or also called a yeast infection (candida) can give vaginal pain. Most women complain about itching and irritation. Often a fungal infection also gives change in vaginal discharge, the discharge is mostly white and crumbly. When you scratch the vagina because of the itching it also causes irritation.
You can get a vaginal fungal infection because of a change in the pH value of your vagina. A change in pH value can be caused by menstrual blood, washing with soap, using a vaginal douche or using vaginal deodorant. To prevent a vaginal fungal infection, wash your vagina only with water and don’t use special products.
When you have a vaginal fungal infection, contact your general practitioner for medication.


Chlamydia and Gonorrhea can also cause pain in the vagina. It mostly causes pain during sex. Besides that, an STD can cause blood loss in between menstruations or blood loss during sex. Also, a change in vaginal discharge can be a symptom of Chlamydia or Gonorrhea. However, a lot of women do not have clear symptoms of Chlamydia or Gonorrhea. Do you have sudden pain in the vagina after unprotected sex? Then it is important to do an STD test.

Vaginal dryness

When your vagina is not yet wet enough when you are having sex or when being fingered, it could cause irritation or damage the vaginal mucous membranes. That’s why you could have vaginal pain after sex. It is important that you are turned on when having sex. You could also use lubricant when you are not wet enough. Also use a neutral lubricant, a lubricant with special smells could cause vaginal fungal infections!

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