Chlamydia in the throat

Can you get Chlamydia down your throat? "Chlamydia? Since when can you get that in your throat?!" Of course we have all heard of Chlamydia in the genital area. This is the STI that is most common in the Netherlands every year, with 60,000 people having to deal with it. But did you know that this annoying [...]

Can I get an STD from the bitch?

 Often no condoms or dental dams are used during oral sex, but you can also get an STD from oral sex. If you do not protect yourself, you can contract Chlamydia, Gonorrhoea, Herpes, Syphilis and Hepatitis B. The chance of catching an STD is much smaller than when you have normal sex, but the [...]

Pain in my vagina

Pain or discomfort in your vagina is never fine. This painful feeling can be constantly present, but can also be triggered by sexual contact or urination, or for example by inserting a tampon. Pain in the vagina is not normal and can have several causes. Pain in my vagina by a [...]

Risks of anal sex

90% of men having sex with men and 5% of all women have anal sex. Anal sex is the entry of the penis into the anus. Anal sex involves various risks. Risk of an STD during anal sex? The anus does not become moist like a vagina when excited, because [...]

From the French Sun to a French STD

Monday 23 July was in the news that in France the number of people with an STD has risen explosively compared to previous years. Especially in the holiday areas that are popular among Dutch people, such as Paris and Provence, many sexually transmitted diseases occur. The investigation showing this large increase in SOA's goes on [...].

STDs abroad, unprotected sex on vacation.

STDs abroad, unprotected sex on vacation. A party holiday in Lloret de Mar, backpacking through Asia or South America or to the campsite in Renesse, no matter where you go during your holiday, there is a relaxed and relaxed atmosphere everywhere. Everyone is there for the same purpose, enjoying and relaxing. During a holiday [...]