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Afraid of an STD? Today tested, tomorrow the results*, in Amsterdam even in 2 hours!

Anonymous test and treatment
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Anonymous STD test Amsterdam

Are you looking for an anonymous STI test in Amsterdam? Then of course we will help you as soon as possible and with the best care. Thanks to the long opening hours of our STI clinic in Amsterdam and its specialization in STI testing, you can almost always drop by for an STI test immediately and on the same day. Both during the day and in the evening, on weekdays and weekends.


Times can change see our online agenda for final availability for each day. Because our doctors are badly needed in the fight against the Corona virus, our opening hours may have changed. The easiest way is to contact us by phone for a quick appointment.

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SOA Kliniek Amsterdam

Spuistraat 239, 1012 VP Amsterdam
maandag7:30 - 21:30
dinsdag7:30 - 21:30
woensdag8:00 - 18:00
donderdag8:30 - 21:00
vrijdag8:00 - 17:00
zaterdag9:00 - 17:30

Our STI clinic in Amsterdam is located at Spuistraat 239 on the first floor and is very easy to reach by public transport, car and bicycle. From Amsterdam Central Station you are within 10-15 minutes at our doorstep. You can park your car around the corner in the Bijenkorf car park. The entrance is via the pharmacy. In the evening please press the bell Spui medical center to enter.

SOA test Amsterdam

How much does an SOA test in Amsterdam cost?

We work with different packages. Below are the most chosen ones. Please note, depending on your situation it may be that a different package or additional tests (and therefore costs) are needed. However, these are exceptional situations.

Basic SOA test
Performed in 15 min
  • Gonorrhoea
  • Chlamydia
  • + € 35 Extra body location
as of 200
Rapid testing
Results in 90 min
  • Gonorrhoea
  • Chlamydia
  • HPV
  • HIV (RNA)

Our STI testing (in Amsterdam)

Each STI causes different symptoms, because there are many different sexually transmitted infections. At OneDayClinic Amsterda you get tested for a particularly large number of STIs. Think among other things:

In addition, you can choose from different ways to test STIs.

Quick tests in Amsterdam

We are the only company in the Netherlands with a rapid test for Gonorrhoea, Chlamydia, HPV and HIV. The HIV RNA rapid test can be done already 10 days after the sexual contact. These quick tests can also be conducted anonymously. The results will follow in 2 hours. This can be done by mail or by phone.

STI clinic Amsterdam

Should I take an STI test?

An STI test rules out whether you have a sexually transmitted disease. The reason for testing does not matter: whether you have complaints or want to have a check-up just to be sure. You can come to OneDayClinic whenever you want. In this way you make sure that you rule out being contagious for someone else. You can have an STI without knowing it and without having any complaints. Not sure if you want to take an STI test? It is wise to have an STI test if:

  • you've been having unsafe sex lately;
  • you experience complaints such as blisters, warts, extra discharge or a burning sensation when urinating;
  • you used a condom, but it's torn;
  • you'd like to make love without a condom;
  • a bed partner warned you;
  • you're pregnant and you don't want to pass on an STI to your child.

Do our STI test guide and check which STI test you might need. As soon as you have chosen a test, based on the complaints you experience (or other reasons you have), you can quickly and easily make an appointment with us in Amsterdam. Taking an STI test can be an exciting experience for some people. We are aware of this and therefore help you with the most careful care and discretion.

How does an STI test work?

1 - Make an appointment

Make an appointment online safely and anonymously.

2 - Visit clinic

The examination is carried out at a clinic or test point.

3 - Check the results

Enter your personal code on the website and see the results.

You can often visit our clinic in Amsterdam within one day if you have made an appointment online. The appointment looks like this:

  1. An interview with one of our experienced doctors, to determine together which test best suits your situation (depending on your situation and your symptoms).
  2. The actual test (in the case of chlamydia, gonorrhoea, trichomonas and mycoplasma): in men often by means of a urine test, in women often by means of a cotton swab to remove vaginal fluid.
  3. We then examine the urine or cotton swab for the presence of chlamydia and gonorrhoea. The result is usually known within 1 working day
  4. We carry out other STI tests (hepatitis, HIV and syphilis) with a blood test. We take blood for a lab test, after which we determine the result within 1 working day.

If you have any questions about the STIs or our service, take a look at our FAQ. At OneDayClinic Amstedam you test anonymously for various STIs (independent of the type of STI). We are here to help you promote your sexual health.

I have an STI. Now what?

Depending on the result, you will know whether you have an STI and therefore whether treatment is necessary. In case of a negative result, no treatment is needed.

A positive result means you have an STI. We can then treat you in one of the STI clinics. Here, too, we will work completely anonymously if you prefer. Have you had an STI test somewhere else and do you have a result? Then take this test result with you so that we can treat you. Also check our pricelist for the prices of the different STI treatments.

STI clinic Amsterdam

Looking for an STI clinic in Amsterdam? At OneDayClinic you can do an anonymous STI test. You can easily make an appointment on our website or by phone. When you arrive at our STI clinic in Amsterdam on the day of your appointment, you will be welcomed by one of our staff members. After a short introduction interview, the STI test will be performed. This is always done by a BIG registered doctor, to which the test results are also analyzed in a BIG certified lab.

The STI test result can be requested on our website or you will receive it by mail or phone, with our quick tests in Amsterdam this can be done within 2 hours! If the results show that you have an STI, it is also possible to be treated anonymously in our STI clinic in Amsterdam.

What STI test should I have done?

It's good to know which STI to be tested for. You can have several complaints, but not every complaint is part of the STI you might have. Therefore, before making an appointment in our STI clinic in Amsterdam, do the test guide. Once you have filled in the test guide, you can calculate for yourself what the costs are of the test. In the overview of our prices you can find out what an STI test and treatment costs at OneDayClinic.

Treatment after STI test Amsterdam

You took an STI test in Amsterdam. Have you been told you have an STI? Then OneDayClinic also has treatments available. We find it very important to guarantee your privacy and we do everything we can to prevent as many people as possible from seeing a doctor. OneDayClinic only employs professional and certified staff. Of course, lab also has an official registration.

How quickly do I get the results of the test at OneDayClinic?

In Amsterdam it is possible to have a result within 2 hours. We are the only ones in the Netherlands with a quick test for Gonorrhoea, Chlamydia, HPV and HIV. The HIV RNA rapid test can be done as early as 10 days after sexual contact. These rapid tests can also be taken anonymously. This can be done by e-mail or telephone. Make an appointment soon!

How does an STD test work at OneDayClinic Amsterdam?

We start with an interview to determine which test best suits your situation. Then we apply the test (a urine test or possibly a blood test).

When do you have to get tested for STDs?

An STI test is the only way to really know whether or not you have an STI. You can also be contagious to someone else when you don't even know you have an STI. That is why it is good to have an STI test done when:

  • You have symptoms such as burning urine, warts, blisters or more discharge than normal.
  • You've had unsafe sex
  • The condom is torn.
  • You want to make love without a condom, for example in a new relationship
  • You've been warned by someone else
  • You are pregnant and do not want to transfer an STI

Doe een SOA test in Amsterdam bij een goede kliniek

Wanneer je onveilige seks hebt, of dit nu eenmalig of als je dit vaker hebt, je loopt dan altijd een risico om besmet te raken met een Seksueel Overdraagbare Aandoening (SOA). Er zijn verschillende soorten SOA´s en je hebt ze niet voor het uitkiezen. De ene SOA kan vervelender zijn dan de ander en ook het soort behandeling kan per SOA verschillen. Het is daarom erg belangrijk om je na onveilige seks te laten testen op een SOA. Dit geldt helemaal als je regelmatig onveilige seks met verschillende partners hebt. Woon je in Amsterdam of omgeving, dan kun je een SOA test in Amsterdam doen.

Laat je op een SOA testen in Amsterdam

Je kunt je misschien afvragen wanneer je jezelf moet laten testen op een SOA? Je kunt immers onveilige seks hebben gehad, maar helemaal geen klachten hebben. Ben je dan ook zeker dat je geen SOA hebt? Nee, je kunt na onveilige seks drager zijn van een SOA zonder dat je hier klachten van ondervindt. Dit houdt in dat je dus wel anderen kunt besmetten. Soms ontstaan er vlak na of enkele weken nadat je onveilige seks hebt gehad bepaalde klachten. Als dit het geval is, dan is er een grote kans dat je een SOA te pakken hebt. Laat je dan zeker op een SOA testen in Amsterdam.

Een SOA test anoniem in Amsterdam bij OneDayClinic

Niet iedereen zal het even prettig vinden om naar een huisarts te gaan om zich te laten testen op een SOA. Bij een huisarts ben je namelijk niet anoniem en het eventueel hebben van een SOA kan gevoelig liggen. Hoewel een huisarts je privacy heus zal waarborgen, voel je je misschien prettiger als je een SOA test anoniem in Amsterdam doet. Dit kan namelijk bij OneDayClinic. Wij kunnen je testen op verschillende soorten SOA´s. Wanneer je positief op een SOA test, dan kun je ook een anonieme behandeling bij ons krijgen.

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Why Onedayclinic?

  • Results (only in Amsterdam) known in 2 hours (unique in the Netherlands)
  • Anonymous STI testing and treatment also possible
  • Cash payments possible
  • BIG registered doctors
  • Spacious opening hours (also in the weekend)

Doctor(s) on duty

  • Amit Atwal
  • T. Tasma BIG no. 69925677601
  • D. Remmelzwaal
  • L.SminkBIG no. 59926949301


Anxiety about an STD can become an increasing problem in your head. Don't keep walking around with it, but take an STD test!
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