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SOA test Belgium

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Where can you go for an STD test in Belgium? If you are afraid of contracting an STD and you live in Belgium, you can go to a general practitioner or gynaecologist. People who don't like it, because they prefer to remain anonymous, can go to the HIV/soa clinic in Antwerp, or to the S-Clinic in Brussels.

Chlamydia test Belgium

Chlamydia is an STD that is common in western Europe. Chlamydia occurs in both men and women and can cause various complaints.

Gonorrhoea test Belgium

Gonorrhoea is a highly contagious STD that occurs in men and women. Gonorrhea is also called a "drip".

Syphilis test Belgium

Syphilis is also called "lues". This STD goes through three stages, each with its own characteristic symptoms. Even up to 30 years after the infection the symptoms can manifest themselves.

Hepatitis B and C tests Belgium

Hepatitis can occur in two forms: acute and chronic. Also called: Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C. After the incubation period of four to six months, unpleasant symptoms can occur.

HIV / AIDS test Belgium

HIV is an STI that affects the immune system and can develop into AIDS. HIV can't be cured, but it's easy to treat.

S-Clinic Belgium: limited opening hours and only for risk groups free STD test

Opening hours are limited, especially at the S-Clinic. If you fall into certain risk groups, the SOA tests are free at the S-Clinic in Belgium. However, many people do not fall within these set risk groups and are therefore dependent on an STD test by a general practitioner or gynaecologist. There are no anonymous (private) STD clinics in Belgium, as we know them in the Netherlands.

Fast, anonymous and paid SOA testing in Den Bosch

If you want to be tested quickly and anonymously, and have the results of your test within 48 hours, you can also contact a branch of OneDayClinic. Our SOA clinic in Den Bosch is easily accessible from Belgium. You can often come to us the same day for an SOA test.

Rates SOA test in Den Bosch

Unfortunately, we cannot offer free tests, but we offer fair and competitive rates. A basic test on Chlamydia and Gonorroe costs us 100 euros. This includes consultation and laboratory costs. For an extensive STD test, in which besides Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea is also tested for HIV, syphilis and hepatitis B and C, you pay 150 euros.

Treatment of STDs in Den Bosch

If your STD test is positive (and you have an STD), you can also come to OneDayClinic in Den Bosch anonymously for the treatment of your STD. So you never have to call in your own doctor or gynaecologist.

Did you run a chlamydia test and the test doesn't reveal chlamydia? Then you'd be wise to keep making love safely. Prevent STIs, such as syphilis, HIV, genital herpes, chlamydia, gonorrhea and trichomonas through safe sex. Also look at the risk factors for the development of chlamydia.

Accessibility of SOA clinic OneDayClinic Den Bosch from Belgium

OneDayClinic Den Bosch is conveniently located at the motorway exit. There is ample free parking on site.


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