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Mycoplasma genitalium is a sexually transmitted disease/infection (STD/STI) that was discovered in the 80s and is not very common in the Netherlands. Therefore mycoplasma is a relatively unknown STD. The symptoms of an infection with mycoplasma can prove difficult to notice. Do you think you might have contracted this STD? Get tested at OneDayClinic.

Eventhough this STD can surely be present, OneDayClinic advises you to first test on Gonorrhea and Chlamydia or test on all three at the same time. These two STDs are way more common and therefore are a more logical to cause symptoms and are hence important to exclude.

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Complaints and symptoms of mycoplasma genitalium

After getting infected with mycoplasma genitalium you do not have to experience obvious complaints. It could be that you got infected without noticing. Mycoplasma can cause a number of (vague) complaints and or symptoms, like:

Symptons in women

  • Pelvic pain
  • Pain when peeing
  • Stomach ache
  • Vaginal bleeding
  • Pain/blood loss during intercourse
  • Increased discharge

Symptons in men

  • Testicular pain
  • Penile discharge

Because mycoplasma is a difficult disease to trace, we always advise you to get tested even when you don’t have clear symptoms.

  • Anonymous testing for STD
  • Tested within 20 minutes
  • The results within 2 working day
  • STD Test starting at € 100

Anonymous STD testing on mycoplasma genitalium

Because an infection with mycoplasma is difficult to recognize, it is strongly advised to do a mycoplasma test. Especially when symptoms are present. A mycoplasma test can not be done immediately after unsafe sex but needs to be postponed for a couple of weeks. The test can only show an infection after the window fase has passed. For more information get incontact with our specialised physicians.

In men a urinalysis (analysis of a urine sample) on mycoplasma genitalium will be done. In women a test on mycoplasma will be done on a ‘selfswab’. This is a smear test of the vaginal mucosa which you can either perform yourself or you can have done by our specialised physicians.

Results within two working days

After doing a test on mycoplasma at a OneDayClinic in Amsterdam, UtrechtDen Bosch & Rotterdam you receive your results within two working days. You can check the results online via our test result portal. Click here to check the results of your STD test. When the test shows that you’re infected with mycoplasma you can also get treated by the OneDayClinic.

If you test negative (meaning you don’t have this STD) it is still important to keep on or start using protection when having sex in the future. This way you can prevent getting mycoplasma in the future and the contraction of another STD. Take a look at the risk factors for getting mycoplasma.

Treatment of mycoplasma genitalium

An infection with mycoplasma is easily treated with a course of antibiotics. This course is provided to you by the OneDayClinic as well. After completion of the treatment against this STD the bacteria will be gone. This means you can not transfer the bacteria to your (sex) partner. However remember, after completion of the treatment you will not be immune for mycoplasma meaning you can still contract the bacteria again in the future.

Do you have a regular (sex) partner? Contact one of our specialized physicians on testing or treating your partner. Always have safe sex until at least one week after completion of the antibiotic course. No regular partner? Remember to still use protection when having sex in the future. In addition it is important to warn all your (ex-)partners of at least the past half year about this STD. They might have gotten in contact with the bacteria through you, or you could have contracted it through of them. Even if they appear to have no symptoms it is better for them to get tested. By doing so they can also protect any of their following partners from contracting this STD/STI.

  • ✔ Get tested on STD anonymously
  • ✔ Test performed within 20 minutes
  • ✔ Results within two working days
  • ✔ STD test starting at €100

Possible consequences of untreated mycoplasma

Always, even when in doubt, make a timely appointment at the OneDayClinic to get tested. Untreated mycoplasma genitalium can prove to have grave consequences.

Consequences in women

Mycoplasma Genitalium is a very new condition. There is currently a lot of research being performed on this until know fairly unknown disease. Researches are still trying to get consensus on the possible consequences of this infection. Until know scientists have only proven thatan infection with Mycoplasma Genitalium could lead to infertility.

Consequences in men

Also in men the possible future consequences of contracting Mycoplasma Genitalium are fairly unknown. For men the same goes, an infection with Mycoplasma could lead to infertility.

Risk factors

Because mycoplasma is a relatively unknown disease we do not yet know all about this disease. Scientist think that an infection with mycoplasma might lead to (possible) serious consequences. Even when you are not experiencing any symptoms you could be carrying and spreading this bacteria by having unsafe sex. A test on mycoplasma is the only way to be sure if you contracted this infection. Get tested after any one of the following:

  • Having unsafe sex;
  • Broken/torn condom;
  • The wish to have unprotected sex in a new relationship;
  • Getting warned by a(n ex-)partner;
  • Pregnant and want to prevent your child to get infected;
  • Experience any of the symptoms mentioned above.

Prices of the mycoplasma test and other tests at OneDayClinic

Type of STD testYou will be tested for:Cost STD testRemarks
Basic std testGonorrhoea
€ 100,-Price of the test includes a consult
Blood test (HIV,syphilis, hepatitis b en c)€100,-N/A
Mycoplasma en Trichomoniasis€135,-N/A
Extensive std testGonorrhoea
Chlamydia (urine/vaginal)
Hepatitis B
Hepatitis C
HIV (blood test)
€ 150,-Price of the test includes a consult
Fast STD testGonorrhoea
€ 200,-Only available in Amsterdam. Price of the test includes a consult
TreatmentChlamydia€ 50,-N/A
TreatmentGonorrhoea€ 80,-N/A
  • Anonymous testing for STD
  • Tested within 20 minutes
  • The results within 2 working day
  • STD Test starting at € 100

Types of STDs and STI tests

In the Netherlands, an estimated 100,000 new STI infections per year occur. There are several STDs and each STI can cause other complaints. Do you want to know more about the complaints or treatment options of a specific STI? Look further here.

Chlamydia test

Chlamydia is the most common STD in the Netherlands.

Gonorrhoea test

Gonorrhea is caused by an infectious bacterium.

Syphilis test

Syphilis is an infectious STD and is also called lues.

Hepatitis B & C test

Hepatitis B is a liver inflammation caused by a virus.

HIV test

HIV is the virus that breaks down the immune system and can cause AIDS.

Herpes test

Herpes is a virus that surrounds the skin and mucous membranes of genitals, anus or mouth.

Genital warts test

Genital warts are warts that are in the area around the genitals and / or the anus.

Mycoplasma test

Previously mycoplasma was labeled as a bacterial infection, but now it also falls under the heading of “STD”.

Trichomonas vaginalis test

Trichomonas vaginalis is a parasite (infection) that can develop several symptoms.

      •  Completely anonymous testing for all STDs
      •  Tested within 20 minutes
      •  Within 2 working days the result (or within 2 hours, excluding in Amsterdam)
      •  STD tests from € 100, –

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The STD examination at OneDayClinic

We often get the question how an STD examination at our clinic works. Below you can read the steps we take to test and treat you on STD’s.

How does it go after making an appointment?

After you have made the appointment, there will be a confidential conversation with the doctor. During this interview, a number of personal questions are asked to assess which risk you have run on STDs. On the basis of these risks, the doctor gives advice about which tests should be taken in your situation. Together with you, a decision is made about which tests you ultimately want to take.

Which STD can I have?

You will be asked a number of questions: whether you have sex with men, women or with both sexes and whether oral, anal or vaginal sex has taken place. This is asked because the STD’s can cause chlamydia and gonorrhea at different locations in your body. Infections with these STD’s caused by bacteria remain local and do not just spread through your body or blood. It could be that you have contracted chlamydia in your anus and not in your throat, while you have had anal and oral sex.

What should I pay attention to prior to the test?

When making the appointment it is important to take the window phase into account. The window phase is the period between the sexual contact (possible moment of infection) and the ability to demonstrate the infection with the test. For tests on chlamydia and gonorrhea we keep two weeks after the sexual contact (on indication this may sometimes be earlier). We stay on for three months for HIV, syphilis, hepatitis B and C.

The man must not have been to the toilet for at least three hours or take morning urine with him.

Do I have to take my clothes off?

Physical examination is often not necessary. HIV, syphilis and hepatitis B and C are excluded through a blood test. Chlamydia and gonorrhea is tested in the male via the urine and the woman through a ‘selfswab’ (or with a cotton swab). If oral and anal sex has taken place, this is excluded via an anal swab or a throat swab. You can do this yourself, but you can also leave this to the doctor.

      • Urine test

The research on chlamydia and gonorrhea in men can be done with the aid of a urine sample. When you are infected, bacteria can be found, especially in the urine. In women, a selfswab is more reliable than a urine test.

      • Blood test

Syphilis, hepatitis B, hepatitis C and HIV can be demonstrated by a blood test.

      • Selfswab smear

With a smear, fluid is removed from the vagina. This determines the presence of chlamydia and gonorrhea. This does not hurt. Because chlamydia and gonorrhea can be found at different locations (vaginal / anal / throat), extra swabs may have to be taken. The doctor will determine in the initial interview whether this is necessary.

Do you have complaints that point to a STD? Do not wait and make an appointment for an STD test.

The treatment of an STD

Chlamydia, gonorrhea and syphilis can be treated with antibiotics. You can also contact OneDayClinic for this treatment. However, HIV is more difficult to treat. There are medicines to suppress these STDs and their symptoms, but not to remove the viruses from the body. OneDayClinic will guide you for further treatment and refer you to a specialist in the hospital.

When will I get the results?

If you have had an STD test, the urine, the smear or the blood will be examined in the laboratory. You can check the results online via our test result portal. Click here to check the results of your STD test. At OneDayClinic everything is completely anonymous.

Alert your partner

If you have an STD, it is important that you warn your partner(s). Warn not only your current partner, but also your former partners. They can also have the STD without having complaints. They can pass it on to their partners unnoticed again. By warning your partners, you prevent the STD from spreading or that they are faced with serious consequences because they have not been treated.

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