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OneDayClinic Eindhoven gives you the opportunity to quickly do a reliable STI test at a specialized clinic. The big advantage of OneDayClinic is the fact that you can have yourself tested for STIs with us completely discreetly and anonymously. We do not need any personal information from you and the result of the STI test will be removed from our system after 2 weeks. So for a safe and discrete STI test in Eindhoven go to OneDayClinic!


Times can change see our online agenda for final availability for each day. Because our doctors are badly needed in the fight against the Corona virus, our opening hours may have changed. The easiest way is to contact us by phone for a quick appointment.

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SOA Kliniek Eindhoven

Gerard Philipslaan 143A, 5616 TV Eindhoven
maandag9:00 - 17:30
dinsdag16:00 - 20:00
woensdag9:00 - 17:30
donderdag16:00 - 20:00
vrijdag9:00 - 21:00
zaterdag9:00 - 13:00

What is the address and opening hours?

The private clinic of OneDayClinic can be found at the Gerard Philipslaan 143a. Our location in Eindhoven is very easy to find. We are very easy to reach from the motorway and because of our spacious and free parking space you can also park easily and quickly in front of the door. By public transport you're also quickly at our location, from Eindhoven Central Station it's about 15-20 minutes to our front door.

Do you live near Eindhoven, Den Bosch, Venlo or Helmond and are you looking for an STI clinic near you? Come and visit OneDayClinic Eindhoven. At our STI clinic you will find specialists who specialise in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases. Your sexual health is number one with us!

Do you have questions about one of our tests or our service? Then you can always contact us via the button below or by calling 084 070 3483.

How much does an STI test in Eindhoven cost?

Basic SOA test
Performed in 15 min
  • Gonorrhoea
  • Chlamydia
  • + € 35 Extra body location
as of 200
Rapid testing
Results in 90 min
  • Gonorrhoea
  • Chlamydia
  • HPV
  • HIV (RNA)

Testing our STIs

There are different types of STIs and each STI can cause different symptoms and consequences. In the Netherlands, it is estimated that more than 100,000 new STI infections occur each year. For a fully reliable and anonymous STI test in Eindhoven you can visit the STI clinic of OneDayClinic. You can get tested for STIs in our STI clinic in Eindhoven:

Within half an hour the test will be done and within 2 days you will receive the result(s) online!

Should I take an STI test?

An STI test is wise when you've had unsafe sex. But not only then, also when you have changing bed partners or at the start of a new relationship. In all cases, we are happy to help you with an STI test. A test with us is always anonymous and you will receive the results quickly. Even without complaints, we advise you to take an STI test if you are worried. It is wise to have an STI test if you are worried:

  • had unsafe sex;
  • have complaints such as blisters, a burning sensation when urinating, warts or more discharge than normal;
  • The condom's torn;
  • have a new relationship and want to make love without a condom;
  • have been warned by someone you've had sexual contact with
  • pregnant and you don't want to transmit an STI to your child.

How does an STI test work?

1 - Make an appointment

Make an appointment online safely and anonymously.

2 - Visit clinic

The examination is carried out at a clinic or test point.

3 - Check the results

Enter your personal code on the website and see the results.

Every appointment in one of our clinics starts with an interview with the doctor. During this conversation it is determined which STI tests you need and this is decided on the basis of various factors, such as the number of sexual contacts, whether or not there is unprotected contact and the manner of sexual contact.

In women, a swab is taken for the STIs chlamydia, trichomonas or mycoplasma. In principle, the woman can do this herself, but you can also choose to have this done by the doctor. In men these STIs are tested by urine tests. Via blood tests the STIs syphilis, hiv and hepatitis are diagnosed.

With us you can almost always be helped on the same day. You will often receive the results within 1 working day and a maximum of 2 working days. You can view the results online via our test results portal. Click here to view your test results directly.

More information about STIs? Take a look at our frequently asked questions.

I have an STI. Now what?

If the result is negative, you do not have an STI and therefore do not need treatment. If the result is positive, it means you have an STI and you need to be treated. Fortunately this can also be done anonymously at OneDayClinic Eindhoven. This is also possible when you haven't been tested with us. In this case, take your test result with you to our clinic. Which treatments we offer and what it costs can be found on our pricelist.

STI clinic Eindhoven

Costs at the general practitioner

With us you do an STI test that in many cases is much cheaper than an STI test at the doctor. When you go to the doctor, you have to pay the costs yourself until you have used up your own risk. This can be very high, especially if you want to have yourself tested for multiple STIs. At OneDayClinic you are in many cases cheaper for an STI test in Eindhoven. Take a look at our prices for all STI tests and compare this with the costs via your family doctor.



In addition, the GP processes and stores all data in your file. Some people do not like this, because it will be linked forever in your medical file. Would you rather not have these data stored in your file? Then also opt for an STI test at OneDayClinic Eindhoven. We will make sure that you do not have to provide any information and even then the test results will be deleted after 2 weeks.

Doe een SOA test in Eindhoven als je zekerheid wilt hebben

Een Seksueel Overdraagbare Aandoening (SOA) is niet iets waar je graag met iedereen over praat. Er heerst soms nog een taboe op dit onderwerp. Toch moet je weten dat er jaarlijks duizenden Nederlanders een SOA oplopen. Daarnaast zullen er ook nog veel mensen zijn die een SOA hebben en die het helemaal niet weten, doordat zij geen klachten hebben. Een SOA kun je oplopen als je onbeschermde seks hebt. Je hebt dus geen condoom gebruikt of er is iets fout gegaan, zoals een gescheurde condoom. Woon je in Eindhoven of omgeving? Laat dan een SOA test in Eindhoven doen, zodat je kunt uitsluiten dat je besmet bent.

SOA testen in Eindhoven is belangrijk

Waarom is het zo belangrijk om je te laten testen? Een SOA, welk soort ook, kan grote gevolgen hebben voor je gezondheid. Je kunt al snel na de onveilige seks klachten krijgen, maar het is ook mogelijk dat je niets merkt. Je weet dus niet dat je besmet bent, dus een SOA kan jarenlang in je lichaam aanwezig zijn. Op een gegeven moment zul je toch gezondheidsklachten ontwikkelen en vaak veel erger dan eventuele klachten die je direct na de onveilige seks krijgt. Daarnaast gaat het ook om een stukje verantwoording. Je wilt natuurlijk niet op je geweten hebben dat jij anderen besmet met wie jij onveilige seks hebt? Op SOA testen in Eindhoven zou je altijd moeten doen na het hebben van onbeschermde seks.

Een SOA test anoniem in Eindhoven bij OneDayClinic

Je laten testen kan op verschillende wijzes. De GGD is een instantie waar je vooral terecht kunt als je tot een bepaalde risicogroep behoort. Ook bij je huisarts kun je terecht. Maar voor velen is dit best wel een drempel, omdat de huisarts een bekende is en je dus niet volledig anoniem bent. Als anonimiteit belangrijk voor je is, dan kun je een SOA test anoniem in Eindhoven afnemen bij OneDayClinic. Wij zijn een erkende SOA kliniek waar iedereen terecht kan, ook als je anoniem wilt blijven.

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Why Onedayclinic?

  • Only one in the Netherlands where the results in 2 hours! (Only in Amsterdam)
  • Anonymous STI testing and treatment also possible
  • Cash payment possible
  • BIG registered doctors
  • Open evening and weekends

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Anxiety about an STD can become an increasing problem in your head. Don't keep walking around with it, but take an STD test!
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