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The costs for an STI test can be high. Nevertheless, it is very important that you have a regular STI test, especially if you don't have a fixed bed partner. The STI test is not always reimbursed because of major budget cuts. Because it is difficult to get an STI test reimbursed, OneDayClinic thinks it is important to make it possible for everyone to have an STI test with a low threshold. This way we make sure that the STI test costs remain as low as possible.

Already certainty from € 100,-

The test on these two STIs costs € 100,-. If the conversation with the doctor shows that you have a risk in more than one location (e.g. in the mouth or anus in addition to the penis or vagina), it may be necessary to take additional tests for this. There are additional costs involved in conducting additional tests.

Testing multiple body locations

If, in addition to testing for gonorrhoea and chlamydia, you also want to be tested for HIV, syphilis, hepatitis B and hepatitis C, you can opt for the extensive package of € 150,-. This test includes a location that is tested for gonorrhoea and chlamydia (e.g. the penis, vagina, anus or throat) and a blood test. Here, too, the conversation may show that you are at risk in more than one location (for example, in the mouth or anus in addition to the penis or vagina), after which it may be necessary to take additional tests for this purpose. There are additional costs involved in conducting additional tests.

Clarity about costs

An STI test at the GP can be very different in price. Often the costs of the test are not clear beforehand and you will be surprised afterwards with a high bill. This is due to the fact that the general practitioner has to have the tests carried out by a laboratory, the costs of which vary widely. The laboratory costs are between € 40,- (only chlamydia or only gonorrhoea) and € 300,-. Costs are also charged for the consultation with the general practitioner, however these are covered by your basic insurance.

Does my health insurance cover an STD test?

The STI test with the general practitioner is covered by the basic insurance. This is going to be at your own risk. The deductible excess in 2017 was set at € 385.

Various conditions GGD STD test

In some cases you may be eligible for a government-subsidised test at the GGD. Because the subsidies issued by the government have been restricted, you have to meet certain conditions in order to qualify for a free test. If you meet one of these conditions, you can contact the GGD. Because the number of tests to be carried out per year per GGD is limited, you may have to wait until there is a place for a free test.

Pay attention to reliability

On the internet there are sometimes very cheap STI tests that you can do yourself at home. Please note that these cheap STI tests are often not reliable. The tests you have to send to a lab are generally reliable, but they are often a bit more expensive. If you want to do several STI tests, the total amount will be a lot more expensive. In addition, you miss a personal and confidential meeting, in which the risks are assessed and any complaints are discussed. This can cause you to buy a test that you really shouldn't have to do.

How much does an STI test cost?

The STI test costs depend on which test you have done and where you have a test done. At the doctor's the costs of an STI test can be as high as 300 and you don't have complete anonymity. How much does an STI test cost at OneDayClinic? For just 150,- you'll get an extensive test and we'll make sure your anonymity is completely guaranteed. Therefore choose OneDayClinic!


STI test at OneDayClinic

At OneDayClinic we specialize in STI testing. Taking into account the risks you have run, we would like to offer you a test that is as complete as possible and we want to keep the costs of the STI test as low as possible. The most common STIs in the Netherlands are chlamydia and gonorrhoea. Because in case of unsafe sexual contact there is always a reason to exclude these two STIs, we offer a package in which both STIs are tested. We do not offer the tests separately and it costs 100,-. Even when a (sex) partner has warned you about, for example, chlamydia, it is important to rule out the presence of gonorrhoea. When you have had sex with someone who has a proven STI, there is a risk that you will have more than one STI. Check us out price overview for a complete schedule and calculate what an STI test will cost you.


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