Chlamydia in your throat

Can you get Chlamydia in your throat? “Chlamydia? Since when can you get that in your throat too?!” We all heard of a Chlamydia infection of the genital area. This is the STD that occurs the most in the Netherlands per year, i.e. 60,000 people are affected per year. But did you know that this […]

Pain in my vagina

Pain or an uncomfortable feeling in your vagina is never good. It is possible to have this painful feeling constantly, but you can also only feel it when having sex, when peeing, or when you insert a tampon. Pain in your vagina is not normal and can have multiple causes. Fungal Infection A vaginal fungal […]

Pain during Sex

Causes The causes of pain during sex are different for men and women. In men, pain during sex is mostly caused by a physical cause. It is important for men to visit a doctor soon when they experience pain during sex. For women, pain during sex can be caused by a physical cause but also […]