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Risks of anal sex

Risks of anal sex

90% of men have sex with men and 5% of all women have anal sex. Anal sex is the entry of the penis into the anus. Anal sex involves various risks.

Risk of an STD during anal sex?

The anus does not become moist like a vagina when excited, because the anus remains dry there is more chance of tissue damage on the inside. Due to minor micro-damage, a bacterium or virus can more easily come into contact with the blood and thus penetrate the body more easily. So anal sex makes you more susceptible to contracting an STD. For example, with HIV you are 30 times more at risk during anal sex than with vaginal sex.
This applies not only to HIV, but also to other STDs.

Which STDs can be transmitted by anal sex

STDs you can get from anal sex are:
Genital warts
Hepatitis B

Other risks of anal sex

During anal sex you not only have more risks of an STD, but also more chance of physical complaints. Anal sex can cause haemorrhoids, which are small bulges around the anus or on the inside of the anus that often cause pain, but can also easily start bleeding. In addition, if you are too wild, you may be able to perforate an intestine. This actually means that you tear a piece of the intestine, this is a serious situation where you can lose a lot of blood. If you lose a lot of blood during anal sex and it doesn't stop, it's important to see a doctor immediately.

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