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STI test for man/homosexual

Homosexuals and men who have sex with men have an STI more often than average and need to be tested more often. This is shown by research by the GGD. Homosexuals, or men who have sex with men, are therefore at greater risk of contracting an STI.


More often STI tests man with male sexual contact

Research by the GGD shows that an STI test often involves the use of a condom for penetration, but it often turns out that no protection is used for oral sexual contact. You can also catch an STI from oral sexual contact. Chlamydia and Gonorrhea STIs are the most common STIs in the Netherlands and can be contracted through oral contact. Gay men, or men who have sex with men, also have a much higher risk of contracting an STI. Torn condoms and no changing of the condom between different contacts or sex toys can also cause an STI transmission. So if you have sex with men, and have alternating sexual contacts, it is wise to get tested regularly for STIs. In this way, you avoid unpleasant consequences in the long run, and you prevent STI transmission. So do you want to have a chlamydia test for men or do you want to be tested for another STI? Then come to OneDayClinic!


Free love, but also regularly take an STI test as a man

In the LHBT community you encounter more freedom in love and freedom in sexual matters than average. One-night stands and changing sexual contacts are common. A condom is often seen as the 'killer' of a moment full of tension and is often forgotten. Sometimes it is simply preferred to have sex without a condom. If you (often) have changing sexual contacts and you don't always use protection, it's wise to have yourself tested regularly for STIs. Even as a man an STI doesn't always give you complaints, so be there on time!


Completely anonymous, fast and affordable all STI tests for men at OneDayClinic.

The GGD offers free STI tests for men who have sex with men. They are a risk group according to the GGD. However, the GDD is overcrowded. It often turns out that, even if you fall within a risk group, people can't go to the GGD for a free STI test. At the STI clinics of OneDayClinic in Amsterdam, Utrecht, Den Bosch, Rotterdam and Nijmegen homosexuals or men who have sex with men can go for an affordable and 100% reliable STI test, for example for a chlamydia test for men, completely anonymously and without waiting time. You will always be helped by a certified doctor. Together with the doctor you decide which STIs you want to be tested for. This depends on the risks you have run during the unsafe contact. We receive the results of your STI test within a maximum of 2 working days, but often faster and can be requested via our test results portal. Click here to see your test results right away. If it turns out that you have unfortunately contracted an STI, you can also have the right treatment carried out at OneDayClinic. So you do not need to call in your GP. For the treatment of an STI, you can often contact OneDayClinic the very next day. The prices for an STI test are the same for men and women.

Take an STI test, men! 

Are you homosexual, or do you (often) have changing sexual contacts? Then get tested for STIs on a regular basis! Even if you don't have complaints you could have an STI. If you want to visit us together with your partner, we also offer that possibility. Immediately, completely anonymously create an appointment at one of our certified STI clinics in Amsterdam, Utrecht, Den Bosch, Rotterdam & Nijmegen. Better safe than sorry!


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