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STI test result within 2 hours: exclusive in Amsterdam

STI test result within 2 hours: exclusive in Amsterdam

OneDayClinic has a quick STI test result available in Amsterdam. This brings us one step closer to our mission to reduce STI infections to a minimum and improve health. Our STI testing facility in Amsterdam is the first STI clinic in the Netherlands to introduce an STI test that gives a 100% reliable result within two hours. This innovative STI test from America tests for the two most common STIs: Chlamydia and Gonorrhea. Because of this quick result, treatment can be switched to faster, the serious consequences of an untreated STI infection are prevented and the risk of transmission is reduced. At OneDayClinic you will always get an anonymous STI test.


From now on in Amsterdam: fast STI test result for Chlamydia and Gonorroe, within 2 hours!

OneDayClinic Amsterdam is the only STI clinic in the Netherlands with an STI test for Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea that gives a 100% reliable result within two hours. This is unique in the Netherlands. No STI clinic, GGD or general practitioner uses this innovative STI test. The new rapid STI test from OneDayClinic costs 200 euros. That is in many cases a lot cheaper than an STI test at the GP, which is paid for out of your own risk. You will also get the results of your STI test from your family doctor after a week. The same goes for the free STI tests at the GGD. The results often take a long time to come and you can only go if you fall within the set risk groups.


Why the results of an STI test have to come quickly

The STIs most common in the Netherlands are Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea. Untreated these STIs have major consequences, such as infertility. Every year an estimated 500 women become infertile due to a Chlamydia or Gonorrhoea infection. The longer you walk around with an STI, the greater the chance of infertility. The new STI test ensures that we can start treatment as soon as possible if it turns out that there is an infection. The quicker we treat, the greater the chance that the damage will be limited. This also reduces the chance of transmission to a minimum.


The alternative; STD home tests

The alternative to a rapid STI test is a home STI test. However, these often turn out to be unreliable. These are STI home tests that are not sent to a laboratory, but give immediate results. Research shows that only one in five of these tests gives a reliable result. Another problem is the treatment of an STI if it has been diagnosed with an STI at home. If the result of the STI test turns out to be positive, the shame is often too great to go to your own family doctor for appropriate treatment. Because of this, people often stay with an STI longer than necessary and the risk of transmission and infertility increases.


How does this innovative rapid STD test work?

First of all, as with a regular STI test, material is taken. You can read exactly how this works here. Our specialised STI physician puts the collected material into the special machine. Approximately 90 minutes later the result of the STI test follows. If it turns out that the result is positive, and you therefore have an STI, you can immediately switch to treatment. This can be done anonymously via OneDayClinic. So you don't have to warn your family doctor after all.


Would you like to make an appointment for a quick STI test at OneDayClinic Amsterdam?

Since the opening of OneDayClinic, about 10,000 people have been tested for STIs on the Spuistraat in Amsterdam. Would you like to schedule an appointment online for the quick STI test in Amsterdam? Then click here. Of course you can still contact us for a regular STI test.

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